For Her

She is oh so nice and sweet
So wonderful as she could be
The only one I ever need
The one who´s born and made for me.

In times when I feel sad and cold
One thought of her and I feel fine
Her love can not be bought or sold
And I thank God that she is mine.

Her face is nice to keep in mind
But that´s not all she means to me
Her character is good and kind
When I´m with her I´m really free.

For me she´s like my second part
That´s why I cannot let her go
And I have known right from the start
That I do well by thinking so.

Unique is every word of her
Fantastic every single smile
There´s nothing else I would perfer
To staying with her for a while.

Autor: Florian Kottmair, © 05.02.1998